Personalized digital programs designed to help your employees create healthier habits and achieve life-long results.

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High-quality, cost-effective care for employees and their families

Our digital tools and programs make living well easy and enjoyable for people with chronic conditions.


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High Cholesterol

Benefits consultants and brokers have selected One Drop as a preferred and trusted partner for their clients.

510(k) Cleared

Health Canada

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Collision Avoidance, For Life

Like the collision-avoidance system in your car, AI-powered glucose predictions and personalized insights offer real-time information for participants to take action now and shape the course of their diabetes. 

Personal Health Assistant

Making new habits is easy! Personal Health Assistant is a customizable checklist for daily care activities and seamless tracking of weight, blood glucose, and more.

Sleek, Smart Devices

One Drop devices are more than medical devices—they're lifestyle tools. Each program-specific device is sleek, easy to use and wirelessly uploads blood glucose, weight or blood pressure to the mobile app for seamless health data tracking.

1-on-1 Education and Support

With One Drop digital health coaching, anyone can get quality, professional care without traveling to an office. Participants have unlimited, 24/7 access to their personal coach via-in app messaging.

Our turnkey program design, implementation, reporting and ongoing support make getting started simple so you can start seeing results.

We make it easy

ADA Recognized

CDC Recognition Pending

average savings per year1,2,3


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Excellent Participant Satisfaction (NPS)


1Osborn CY, Hirsch A, Heyman M, Raymond J, Huddleston B, Dachis J. One Drop improves A1c among people with type 2 diabetes. Ann Behav Med, 52 (Suppl 1), April 2018, pages S1–S838.
2U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: Medical Care [CPIMEDSL]. 2017. Accessed October 9, 2018.
3Wagner EH, Sandhu N, Newton KM, McCulloch DK, Ramsey SD, Grothaus LC. Effect of improved glycemic control on health care costs and utilization. JAMA. 2001;285(2):182-189.

One Drop results are backed by 
20+ peer reviewed
 publications and posters presented at national scientific meetings

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One Drop is a trusted digital health program

One Drop puts your employees' health first with FDA-cleared devices and ADA-recognized coaching. Our solution is clinically effective, evidence-based, and proven to drive outcomes.

133 million Americans have at least 1 chronic disease and 42% have 2 or more 

90% of annual healthcare spend goes towards chronic disease treatment

Participant Identification

We use eligibility and claims data to engage employees and dependents who can benefit most from One Drop’s program and have a positive impact on your organization's healthcare costs.

Enrollment Marketing

We leverage our global diabetes management experience and apply best practices in direct-to-consumer marketing to maximize participation and ongoing engagement.

Performance Reporting

Our programs are built to deliver results, so we send you monthly reports that track participant enrollment, engagement levels and clinical outcomes.

50% of people with a chronic disease 
do not meet targets for glycemic control, blood pressure or cholesterol 



Lower A1c in just 
12 weeks4


Interactions with One Drop 
per participant, per week

35 min.

Physical Activity


Fewer Carbs 
per Meal5

4Kumar S, Moseson H, Uppal J, Juusola JL. A diabetes mobile app with in-app coaching from a Certified Diabetes Educator reduces A1c for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Educ. 2018; 44(3):226-236.
5Osborn CY. The One Drop diabetes iOS and WatchOS app with in-app coaching from Certified Diabetes Educators improves blood glucose, carbohydrate intake, and physical activity. Stanford MedX, 2017; Palo Alto, CA.